Lacrosse, Is by far the best sport in my opinion. Let me tell you guys a little something about Lacrosse.

For people unfamiliar with the “lax”, it’s basically hockey, on land, with a ball instead of a puck, handle up in the air and with a lot less padding.. I mean a lot less padding it’s pretty scary. But once you get over that fact Lacrosse is a beautiful sport.

The game of Lacrosse is very fast past with lots of contact, you have to keep you’re head up and you’re eyes forwards checking your surroundings. Lacrosse to me is a very freeing sport that let’s you clear you’re mind and focus on the game with no worry of anything else but the game.

Ingredients fact, Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the United States. 

Now if you still think Lacrosse is a dumb sport try playing it, you never know what you might like tell you try it.


Floor Hockey

This month at school we get to make a team for 3 on 3 floor hockey at lunch, so a few of the guys got together to make a floor hockey team.

Our first game we played good, taking the W with an 8-1 win. I played goalie, not my favorite position but I was willing to go in net because no one else wanted to.

In our second game we played the teacher which was a very intense game. Both teams scoring a few goals in the first, but the teachers pulled away no thanks to me. Making a few mistakes, one where I tried to pass the ball but with the garbage goalie stick I had, I fanned on the pass and gave it right to the other team, leaving the net wide open. The final score was 10-3 for the teachers, not my finest game I might add.

Next game is on Monday and I get to play out. My goal for the game is to score a hat trick so I can show my team that I’m better out then playing goalie.

The Wrench

On Thursday, I went to the Wrench to volunteer around the shop. The Wrench is a nonprofit bike workshop where you can bring your bike in and people will help you fix it. 

When I went to the Wrench, I stripped the bikes for parts and put the parts in their right spots.

The people there were so nice and firendly. The Wrench does lots of community work and charity work, its very inspiring and heart warming seeing the smiles on everyone’s face after they fix their bikes.

I really injoyed volunteering there and am really looking forward to going back there again next week.

The Forks 

Last week my class went to The Forks, to do a little class project.

For the project we had to go around and take picture of important things, interesting events that are happening or going to happen. Then we had to explain the 6 w’s (Who, What, When,Where, Why and hoW) of that picture but in one or a few sentences. Later we’re shown Sway and had to put our project into Sway, Sway is like PowerPoint but on steroids. It was a pretty hard app to use but as I used it more it became more easy. 

My little project was of a rock that was balenced on three points of the rock. The rock represented balench of spirits but for me it kinda represented balench in life. Three points of my life I’d have to try and keep balenched, the three points in my life would have to be school, sports and family. All a very big part of my life and I am very thankful for that.

 Happy Thanksgiving. 

My big Project 

For this blog I’m going to be talking about, my project for school. I’m trying to do something with fixing bikes or cars. 

For my project I had to write out what I wanted to do and give some reasons, set some goals and how I was going to achieve those goals. I’m more so in the research process as I just started on my project Monday morning. 

I’m really looking forward to being able to work on bikes or cars as I get farther into my project. I am also into law inforcement so I was thinking of maybe getting to work on some police cars or bikes, after I have some more experience. 

In conclusion I’m super pumped to be able to get this opportunity to do what I’m interested in instead of getting forced to learn something I have no interest in. 

Classroom Building 

This week, my class did a classroom building project. The group I was in had to sound proof the music room. At first we had to research what or how we’re going to sound proof the room. Then we had to figure out where we could find everything and how much it would cost. After we had everything planned out, we went to the shore and got what we needed.

The plan for sound proofing the music room was to build three acoustic panels, made out of wood and towels. The other thing we thought of was to put some acoustic foam on all the windows, to keep the sound out and to make the room more clear. We also made a door snake to put under the door to keep sound out as well.

In the end we finished are classroom building project, made the music room more sound proof and all in all was a great experience to get to know some of my class mates a little more.

My Day at the Zoo

 I had a blast at the zoo! Learning a lot about all the different animals, the fun facts about all the animals and lots more! Bran, the guy who gave the tour at the zoo was excellent. He was very good at his  job, I could tell he really did what enjoyed what he was doing and he was very passionate about it too. I also liked how he cracked a few jokes here and there and got us engaged with the animals by passing around different stuff that would relate to that animal.

The zoo had lots of new stuff there such as Animals, Arctic themed playhouse, Dinosaurs, 360 degree film centre and their Journey to Churchill. The Journey to Churchill was a part of the zoo that was just dedicated to Churchill, all the different animals in Churchill and the 360 degree movie that was shoot in Churchill which was very cool!

My favourite part would have to be seeing the polar bears above me swimming and playing around with each other. It was definitely a unforgettable experience which I would love to do again and I highly suggest going to the Assiniboine zoo and checking it out for yourself. 

– Areyan G